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Why Kelly the Chatbot Queen Switched to Chatbot Builder AI

Kelly Mirabella joins us, bringing unparalleled chatbot expertise to revolutionize AI chatbots at Chatbot Builder AI.
April 28, 2024

Today, I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with our community. We're welcoming Kelly Mirabella, a long-time hero in the chatbot world, as our newest AI Expert and Educator. I recently had the pleasure of reading her insightful blog post about her journey with chatbots and her decision to join forces with us. Let me take you through some of the highlights and our shared vision for the future.

My Admiration for Kelly's Chatbot Journey

Kelly's journey with chatbots began seven years ago with ManyChat, just like many of us. Her ambition to create chatbots capable of complex tasks and smart interactions always resonated with me. When she discovered the potential of AI, it was like a missing puzzle piece falling into place. That's where our paths converged. I highly encourage you to read why Kelly left ManyChat here.

SaaS #2

When I rolled out Tap The Table three years back, it was this fresh SaaS geared to change the game for how eateries chat it up with their patrons. And dude, even though Kelly wasn’t all about restaurant bots, she totally got the big picture of what I was building.

Her thumbs-up was huge; she didn’t just give a nod to the tech—which, mind you, was way before ChatGPT was even a thing—she went all out to give me shoutouts.

That was a monumental moment, especially considering it came from Kelly Mirabella - an AI and Chatbot Expert who played a pivotal role in educating me and countless others in the realm of chatbots. Kelly's endorsement didn't just stop at words of encouragement; she actively promoted our collaboration across her various channels and even joined me on several podcasts.

This level of support was not just a vote of confidence; it was a testament to her belief in the tool's capabilities far beyond its application in the restaurant industry. Her actions were more than supportive—they were a clear indication of her genuine appreciation for the broader potential of our platform.

Now, fast forward to 2023, and the dream keeps getting realer. I’ve just launched Chatbot Builder, and guess what? Kelly’s on board with us for the long haul, officially signing on to be our educator-in-residence, y’all! It’s like the stars aligned—having someone who's been such a titan in the field, ready to drop knowledge and shape minds with our platform? That’s next-level awesome.

Why Chatbot Builder is a Game-Changer

ChatbotBuilder.ai isn't just another chatbot platform - it's a revolution. With ChatGPT integration, it allows us to build custom AI assistants incredibly fast. It supports over 50 languages, breaking language barriers and making chatbots globally accessible. The recent Open AI assistant beta and our integration with Eleven Labs for realistic voice synthesis are just a few examples of how we're pushing boundaries. One thing I'm particularly proud of is our commitment to support and affordability. For just $49 per month, we offer instant ChatGPT API access, seamless cross-channel support, powerful built-in marketing tools, and so much more. It's about quality and affordability. Not only is our chatbot the most helpful sales and troubleshooting bot ever built for a chatbot platform, we also invest in 24/7 expert human support.

A Platform for Marketers and Businesses

Designed by experts, for experts, Chatbot Builder caters to the needs of marketers and businesses. We support a wide range of platforms and have been pioneers in introducing features like standalone webchat and Google Business support.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

I invite you to try Chatbot BuilderAI for free today and see for yourself the incredible capabilities of this platform. Join our Discord, create a free ChatbotBuilder.ai account start building the GPTs of the future. And don't forget to check out Kelly Mirabella's blog post for her unique insights and experiences with Chatbot Builder AI. Together, we're not just building a platform; we're crafting the future of chatbot technology. I look forward to this journey with Kelly and all of you.

Keep building,

Ryan Baggott

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