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Seamlessly connects chatbots to major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, email, and phone calls. This streamlined integration empowers businesses to offer consistent, automated customer service across all digital channels without the complexity of coding, making it an efficient solution for 24/7 customer engagement.

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Integrate Zapier's automation capabilities with ChatbotBuilder to create, workflow-enhanced chat experiences.

Eleven Labs

Combine Eleven Labs' AI voices and ChatbotBuilder for interactive, voice-enabled chat experiences.

Google Sheets

Seamlessly integrate ChatbotBuilder with Google Sheets for real-time data capture and automation.

Email offers easy email integration for efficient chatbot communication.

Google My Business streamlines chatbot integration with Google Business Messages for direct engagement.

Voice simplifies the integration of chatbots for efficient and clear voice call interactions.

WhatsApp facilitates effortless WhatsApp chatbot integration for quick chats.

Telegram ensures smooth Telegram chatbot integration for instant messaging

Web Chat offers easy web chat integration, ensuring seamless communication.

Facebook streamlines the integration of chatbots with Facebook, smooth and effortless

Instagram simplifies integrating chatbots with Instagram, making it easy then ever to connect,

SMS enables easy chatbot integration with SMS for direct communication

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