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Our Core Values at Chatbot Builder AI
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At ChatbotBuilder.ai, we're driven by innovation and a deep commitment to respect, care, and transparency. Our mission is to empower creators with the world's leading AI chatbot platform, fostering a community where success is shared and integrity is paramount.

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At ChatbotBuilder.ai, we are dedicated to our mission of delivering exceptional AI chatbot solutions. Our unwavering commitment to quality, customer support, and continuous improvement ensures we meet and exceed the expectations of our co-creators.

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At ChatbotBuilder.ai, collaboration is key. We believe in harnessing the collective expertise and creativity of our team to innovate and solve challenges, ensuring we deliver the most advanced AI chatbot solutions together.

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At ChatbotBuilder.ai, we empower our team with the responsibility and autonomy to make decisions, fostering a culture of accountability and personal investment in our collective success and the excellence of our AI chatbot solutions.

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At ChatbotBuilder.ai, we prioritize transparency and open communication, embracing diverse perspectives and feedback to continually refine our AI chatbot solutions and foster an inclusive, innovative community.

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At ChatbotBuilder.ai, we are committed to continuous learning and evolution, both as a company and for our co-creators. We embrace challenges as opportunities for advancement, ensuring our AI chatbot platform remains at the forefront of technology.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Need to Obtain My Own API Key from OpenAI?

For the Basic plan, we've included the OpenAI key for GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K at a 3M token limit. If you wish to use GPT-4, however, you'll need to link your own key. Enterprise plan users must connect their own API key.


Do I Need Coding Skills to Integrate My Bot with Channels Like Facebook and Instagram?

Absolutely not! ChatBotBuilder.ai simplifies the integration process, allowing anyone to connect their bot to channels with just a few clicks. Simply follow the instructions, and you can complete the setup in under 2 minutes.


Is ChatBotBuilder.ai Certified by Meta?

Yes, ChatBotBuilder.ai is officially certified by Meta. This certification recognizes our platform's capability to seamlessly integrate with Meta's ecosystem, ensuring a high standard of functionality and security for users connecting their bots to Facebook and Instagram.


What Steps Should I Take if I Need Assistance or Encounter an Issue?

If you encounter any issues or need help, our website offers immediate assistance through chat with our bot. Additionally, if you're part of our Discord community, we have a dedicated help section available. Our support team is unmatched in the industry, offering 24/7 assistance every day of the year. Rest assured, we've got you covered.


What Steps Should I Take if I Need to Request a Refund?

If you need to request a refund, we're here to help. To initiate a refund for your most recent payment, you can either email our support team or start a ticket through our support system. Please note that our refund policy applies only to the last payment made. While Pro accounts come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, Whitelabel and Custom domain sales are final and do not have a refund option. We're committed to providing excellent support and ensuring your satisfaction.

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