Chatbot Builder AI Reviews & Testimonials

Best in Class... heck Best on the Market
This platform truly stands out with its all-encompassing, built-in functionalities, significantly reducing the necessity for external third-party integrations. It's impressive how everything you need is already part of the system. Additionally, the support provided is unparalleled; I've never encountered such responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable customer service before. This level of support really enhances the overall experience, making it not just efficient but also extremely user-friendly
Gary Kraeger
Company Owner
My review for
My experience with has been outstanding, thanks to its intuitive interface and superb customer support from Ryan and his team. The platform excels with its comprehensive features and Ryan's excellent leadership, emphasizing user success. Within a month, it has transformed customer support in my country, enabling effortless chatbot creation and smooth social media integration without coding. With unmatched community and support, stands as a future leader in chatbot development.
Ken C.
Business Owner
Unlocking Success: Chatbot Builder AI's Unparalleled User Experience
What I appreciate most about Chatbot Builder AI is its remarkable user-friendliness. The platform's accessibility and the quality of their customer support, led by the exceptional Ryan and his team is unparalleled with anyone else in the industry.
Dom J. T.
Changing the game with AI for Business
I am easily able to integrate CBB AI with my social media channels, website, and am even working on text messaging, email and phone services to help my business and to help others' businesses! Instead of me having to frequently answer questions on my own time, I can have CBB AI answer all of them for me around the clock!
Ryan McNally
Business Owner
Chatbot Builder AI: The Game-Changer for Business Communication
I'm thoroughly impressed with the ease of use and advanced functionality of Chatbot Builder AI, which has streamlined our customer service operations and enabled us to provide 24/7 support to our clients.
Alex J.
AI Chatbot Excellence at Unmatched Value with! excels with its intuitive no-code interface, allowing users to easily create sophisticated, AI-driven chatbots. The platform makes advanced customer service technology accessible and affordable, reflecting a commitment to excellence and innovation
Business Owner
Very capable platform, even more capable support team!
The flexible approach to creating tailored solutions and the extent of updates made to keep up with the advancements of the world of AI. The people at Chatbot Builder are very responsive and helpful.
Ali Reaziat
Business Owner
It is the most extraordinary platform in the world
With a single tool and with a really insignificant investment you can provide any company with an unprecedented development engine. Ryan is a genius and the people around him are extraordinary. It's like when Steve Jobs used the metaphor of the "bicycle for the mind", but in this case CBB is a nuclear-powered propulsion engine.
Roberto Brisciani
Business Owner
Best Chatbot Builder Solution, Best Leader, Best Team, Best Culture, Hands Down

I appreciate the platform's user-friendliness and exceptional customer support. The features available from the start are impressive. Ryan's leadership and the team's culture are extraordinary. Unlike other platforms where the sincerity of the leadership is questionable, Ryan's genuine concern for individual success is evident. He truly wants users to thrive and provide excellent service to their customers using the chatbot builder.
John P.
Business Owner
StarStarStarStarStar is a gamechanger
The platform is easy to use, all the needed integrations are already there for you.

The community is fantastic, also love the educational part of the CBB community
Renée Porta
Business Owner
Exceptional Christmas Service: A Heartfelt Review of CBB and Ryan Baggott
Ryan baggott  astonishes me with his generosity, even on Christmas! His leadership at CBB creates an extraordinary community, blending top-notch software, vibrant interactions, and unbeatable support. Today, he transformed my chatbot troubleshooting into a delightful experience over a video call. Hats off to Ryan and the CBB team for fostering such a remarkable environment. Merry Christmas to all, filled with joy and cheer!
Business Owner
My Experience with ChatbotBuilderAI
Hi Asta I'm genuinely thankful for the outstanding assistance and guidance provided for all my inquiries. I am thoroughly convinced that this platform is the premier choice for creating chatbots. The videos are fantastic, and I admire the community being fostered here. I feel very fortunate to be a member of this group. I am looking forward to everything that will come in the future.
Sonja Rincón
Business Owner
The best chatbot tool to date
Chatbotbuilder stands out for its one-click accessibility and intuitive design, along with seamless integration with popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, thanks to AI. This enhances its utility, bridging the gap between consumers and traditionally website-bound chatbots. I believe this could revolutionize commerce, potentially making websites obsolete as social platforms become direct channels for customer engagement.
John C.
Project Formulator
Streamlined Solutions with Speedy Support
Chatbot Builder AI is a breath of fresh air in the chatbot world. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a user-friendly platform with outstanding support and the ability to handle a wide range of use cases.
Ruben Angelo
Digital Marketing Professional
Chatbot Builder AI has made me start working on chatbots again.
Chatbot Builder AI is the most advanced platform for building intelligent and innovative chatbots with a full range of features that allow the the solving of a myriad of business problems with an intuitive interface
Joe B
Business Owner
Are you tired of wandering around in the dark? Then its time to find the light of
I cannot even begin to cover everything i love about CBB
From the very top on down, everyone on the team are supportive, open and available to all users.
They use their own product, the demos are off the charts
and the platform is amazing
updates come out weekly
help is a question away, there is even a chatbot that helps walk you thru things too
Meredith H
Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Need to Obtain My Own API Key from OpenAI?

For the Basic plan, we've included the OpenAI key for GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K at a 3M token limit. If you wish to use GPT-4, however, you'll need to link your own key. Enterprise plan users must connect their own API key.


Do I Need Coding Skills to Integrate My Bot with Channels Like Facebook and Instagram?

Absolutely not! simplifies the integration process, allowing anyone to connect their bot to channels with just a few clicks. Simply follow the instructions, and you can complete the setup in under 2 minutes.


Is Certified by Meta?

Yes, is officially certified by Meta. This certification recognizes our platform's capability to seamlessly integrate with Meta's ecosystem, ensuring a high standard of functionality and security for users connecting their bots to Facebook and Instagram.


What Steps Should I Take if I Need Assistance or Encounter an Issue?

If you encounter any issues or need help, our website offers immediate assistance through chat with our bot. Additionally, if you're part of our Discord community, we have a dedicated help section available. Our support team is unmatched in the industry, offering 24/7 assistance every day of the year. Rest assured, we've got you covered.


What Steps Should I Take if I Need to Request a Refund?

If you need to request a refund, we're here to help. To initiate a refund for your most recent payment, you can either email our support team or start a ticket through our support system. Please note that our refund policy applies only to the last payment made. While Pro accounts come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, Whitelabel and Custom domain sales are final and do not have a refund option. We're committed to providing excellent support and ensuring your satisfaction.

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