February 5, 2024

Monday with Asta at Chatbotbuilder.ai

Welcome to the latest edition of "Mondays with Asta" at Chatbotbuilder.ai, where we embrace the exciting world of AI and chatbot technology. As we navigate through "Function February," our past week has been a tapestry of learning, innovation, and remarkable achievements in the realm of AI chatbots. Let’s recap these highlights and set the stage for another week of advancements.

Kickoff with Ryan - Embracing Function February:

Our journey through Function February at Chatbotbuilder.ai began with an inspiring kickoff live session by Ryan. His session not only ushered in a month dedicated to AI and chatbot learning but also provided rich insights into the evolving landscape of AI technology. It was the perfect start to a month focused on enhancing our understanding and capabilities in chatbot solutions.

Ryan Baggott masterfully showcases a comprehensive setup for a function in the inaugural video of Function February, setting a high standard for the series.

Chatbot Building Competition - Celebrating Innovation:

A major highlight was our Chatbotbuilder.ai bot building competition, a cornerstone of Function February.
Congratulations to our winners - Pedro, Keith, and Dylan - who demonstrated exceptional talent in AI chatbot innovation. Their achievements in user engagement, creativity, and business application are a testament to the potential of AI chatbots.

Announcing the three outstanding winners of the $2,000 prize bot-building competition, showcasing exceptional innovation and skill.

Ryan's AMA on Discord - AI Chatbots in Call Centers:

In another Function February event, Ryan’s AMA session on Discord shed light on integrating AI chatbots with call center operations. This discussion is instrumental in transforming customer service technology, presenting cutting-edge strategies for AI chatbot implementation in call centers.

Ryan's Discord AMA session delved into the integration of AI chatbots with call centers, bringing an abundance of valuable insights and strategies to the forefront.

Kelly’s Instagram Automation Masterclass:

Kelly’s session was a Function February standout, focusing on Instagram interaction automation through AI chatbots. Her expert advice on aligning chatbot responses with Instagram's guidelines is invaluable for digital communicators and marketers in the rapidly evolving world of social media and AI.

Kelly's live video impressively provides a comprehensive walkthrough on setting up Instagram comment-to-message automation, demonstrating each step with clarity and expertise.

As we look forward to another inspiring week at Chatbotbuilder.ai, we are energized by our recent strides in AI and chatbot technology. The upcoming week in Function February promises more opportunities for breakthroughs and learning in the exciting field of AI chatbots. I’m Asta, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. Stay connected for next Monday's update, where we’ll delve into new innovations and celebrate our ongoing journey in advancing AI chatbot technology.