Beyond the Funnel: Danny Monzon on Revolutionizing Customer Retention with AI

Explore Danny Monzon's journey from setbacks to his AI-driven strategy at MDMC24.
April 29, 2024

Guest Blog Post by Chatbot Builder AI

Hello, everyone! At Chatbot Builder AI, we’re thrilled to share this space with Danny Monzon and our esteemed community. Today, Danny shares his journey and the upcoming presentation that promises to be a groundbreaking session on AI and customer retention.

Danny Monzon says, "Can I be real with you?" Before this win, there were some sour losses. In 2022, after speaking twice at the MDMC, I did not make the cut despite coming off a strong year—working with notable figures and skyrocketing an e-commerce brand's sales. The consecutive rejections in 2023, amidst personal battles, stung like those childhood memories of not making the soccer team.

But those who know me understand that I don't back down. Despite the setbacks, I persisted. My philosophy has always been about playing to my strengths, particularly in customer retention. This isn't just about playing on the field; it's about knowing where to play. And I've realized, that's outside the traditional sales funnel.

This year, my presentation at MDMC24, "Beyond the Funnel - Maximizing the Customer Journey with AI & The Retention Factor," is not just a session; it's the culmination of lessons learned and victories gained. Scheduled for May 14th at 9:30 AM, this presentation is set to change paradigms and showcase the power of AI in transforming the customer journey.

And there’s more! The MDMC24 custom AI concierge, powered by Chatbot Builder Ai, will enhance your experience across all stages. This isn't just a victory for me—it’s a testament to our collaborative spirit and innovation.

For further details, do not miss checking out the full agenda of the conference at Beyond the Funnel - Maximizing the Customer Journey with AI & The Retention Factor.

I look forward to seeing many of you there as we explore new dimensions in marketing and customer engagement. Cheers to new beginnings and monumental achievements!

A Note from Chatbot Builder AI:

At Chatbot Builder AI, we are not just about creating cutting-edge technology; we're about building communities and fostering environments where innovation can thrive. Danny's journey and his breakthroughs with AI are a testament to the collective spirit and resilience that define our team and our partners. We are proud to support him and all the pioneering professionals who are shaping the future of customer engagement. Join us in this journey at MDMC24 and beyond, as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Together, let's change the game.

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